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African head ties are unique scarf or head accessory worn by Africans. In Nigeria, head ties are known gele which is one of the traditional African hats or head wraps made for special occasions. This traditional headgear originated from the Nigerian African culture and now being used by most Africans from all over the globe. Gele head tie is mostly worn during special occasions such as traditional African marriages or engagements, weddings, parties, church, and other special events.  Gele can also be worn for day-to-day activities. Gele styles can range from simple to more sophisticated or elaborate styles. It is usually made of a material that is firmer than regular cloth such as aso oke. When worn, especially for more elaborate events, the gele typically covers a woman's entire hair as well as her ears. The only part exposed is her face and earrings on the lower part of her earlobes. The gele is accompanied by traditional local attire that may or may not have the same pattern as the head tie itself. The local attire can be made from lace, kente, Ankara, dashiki, or other traditional fabrics.

  There is a technique on how to tie a gele, and not everyone is capable of making one, hence the introduction of the auto gele or already made gele African head tie helps to solve the issue of finding someone to make your gele. Auto Gele is made with various fabric but mostly also oke and may be embellished with accessories such as pearls, rhinestones, and others. Auto Geles come in one size fits most and is adjustable to fit all sizes of head. For your next event, purchase your auto gele in various colors to match your outfit for every African occasion, and you will be happy you did. At frenzy African fashions, we use high-quality fabrics in making our auto gele.